Making Your Life Easier with Cleaning Services

3 Major Advantages of Hiring Cleaning Services for the Elderly

As people live longer, bridging the gap between the time they can spend at home and the time they spend in nursing homes and other elder care facilities require some extra resources to be bought in. Home cleaning services can help people stay at home for longer, bridging the period where housework is too physically demanding but people do not feel emotionally ready to the leave the family home.

Here are some of the advantages of using a formal cleaning service rather than relying on friends and family to help out your elderly relatives.

Sharing of the load

If you are the local relative from a network of more relatives or siblings, it can be easy to get resentful if you need to be the one helping out your elderly relative all the time. By outsourcing some of the work to a formal cleaning agency you can balance some of the load by getting some financial contributions from the relatives who don't live as close to you.

Relief when you are ill

One of the advantages of using a formal cleaning service is that relief services are automatically organised if you are ill or unable to attend. This means you can rest in bed with the flu, or rest in your hotel bed on holidays, without any feelings of guilt that your elderly relative is not being cared for. This gives you a break when you need it most.

Freeing your time for more valuable activities

If you end up spending all of the time with your elderly relative scrubbing the floor or dusting the cupboards, you miss out on spending time with them. Elderly people are often lonely as more of their peer group finds it harder to travel, or moves into care facilities.

The best things you can do with your visit are to spend time socialising and sharing memories, in a way that makes it clear that you value their company and they aren't just a chore on your list. Why not come up with projects for when you spend time with them, such as recording a family history?

If you are looking at sourcing a cleaning service for your elderly relative, contact an experienced and reputable agency such as SKG Pty Ltd today. You can start to move your relationship with your elderly relative from the repetitive work of cleaning into the important work of communication and affection.