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Precautions For Removing Asbestos Cement Products

Although property owners do not need a special license to remove cement asbestos products from their homes, it is strongly recommended that you at least chat with a professional company before undertaking the job. Asbestos is a deadly substance, and the proper procedure for working with it must always be adhered to. This article examines some precautions that you should take, if you are intending to remove some cement asbestos from your property.

When Working With Asbestos

You must, from the start, adequately ring off the area you are working in; this will prevent friends or family from wandering in to chat with you while you work. You can also display a 'danger' sign on the outside of the area, so people know that it is hazardous inside. If possible, rig the fencing so that pets or small kids can't enter as well.

Dismantling Asbestos

Make sure that you understand and adhere to these precautions when working with asbestos cement products:

  • Wear the correctly graded personal protection suit and mask
  • Any residue on surfaces should be wiped up with a damp cloth
  • If you can't clean a surface immediately, cover it with a sheet of plastic, and wipe the surface down later
  • Always ensure that you keep the material wet, so as to prevent dust from getting into the air
  • Have suitable bags to place the cement asbestos in; heavy duty bags made from plastic are ideal. Consider double wrapping these bags for added security

Another important precaution to take is only using hand tools. If you use a power tool, it is very easy to end up with a space full of asbestos dust. By using hand tools, you lessen the chance of this happening. Lastly, always assess the product you are removing.

What To Avoid

There are a couple of other things to be aware of. Be wary of sweeping up any debris in the work space, this can make the asbestos airborne. Consider using a vacuum cleaner instead. Don't allow pieces of asbestos cement to build up, ensure that you put them into the heavy duty bags as you take them apart. This also prevents tripping hazards from accumulating in the work space. Finally, if you are working on a roof with asbestos, bear in mind that it can be fragile, and easy to break apart. Use crawling boards for roofs.

You must properly label the bags you put the asbestos into, and dispose of them at a suitable recycling facility.

For more information, check out asbestos disposal services near you.