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Dry Carpet Cleaning: 3 Fantastic Reasons to Use the Dry Cleaning Method for Your Carpets

Perfect for all types of carpets, dry carpet cleaning is an effective process that emits no moisture or water, while producing great-looking carpets in the least amount of time. Specialised cleaning powders and compounds are used for breaking down even the toughest stains and blemishes. The compounds and powders are spread evenly over the carpet and penetrate through it to fight stains and spots.

Once finished, the compounds, powders, dirt and other materials are eliminated through a vacuum. Since dry carpet cleaning uses very little water and moisture compared to steam cleaning, this approach is preferre for cleaning carpet fabrics that don't work well with water. Here are some reasons to choose dry carpet cleaning when in doubt of whether your carpet can withstand steam cleaning.

All-round Carpet Cleaning Solution

Generally, carpets accumulate dust and grime through constant use and require regular cleaning to avoid breathing in health hazardous materials. Dry carpet cleaning is a thorough process that ensures high level dirt extraction all around the carpet. This means that all the dirt in even the most difficult-to-reach area of the carpet will be tackled easily.

Dry Carpet Cleaning is Most Suitable for Older Carpets and Rugs

Dry carpet cleaning is particular effective when applied on old carpets because it doesn't use much water and moisture, which would otherwise harm old carpet materials that are already worn out. The process is less strenuous on the carpet, while still ensuring it is thoroughly cleaned. Most carpet restoration projects require dry carpet cleaning to be conducted before the process to remove any residual dirt from the surface. Dry carpet cleaning is also particularly suited to rugs that are subject to high foot traffic.

For example, Persian rugs are a beautiful addition to any home, but their fibres are tightly woven together and tend to attract a lot of dust and dirt from shoes and from the air. Regular steam carpet cleaning may cause the weaving to come undone with the excess water and heat, which is why dry carpet cleaning acts as the perfect solution for rugs in the home.

Best Suited to Save Time

Steam or wet carpet cleaning usually requires a few days to dry, which may be difficult for people running commercial establishments. With dry carpet cleaning, you can use your carpet immediately after the process is complete. 

Dry carpet cleaning doesn't require staff to open establishments on weekends or stay late and offers the most flexible approach to cleaning dirt and grime from carpets. Also, you won't have to deal with residual watermarks, shrinkage or splitting seams like you may with wet cleaning. 

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