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Keep Your Restaurant Windows Clean Between Professional Cleanings With These 5 Tips

Beautiful windows lining the front of your restaurant, entice passersby and make it easy to check out what's going on inside your restaurant. However, if these windows accumulate streaks and dirt, it doesn't reflect positively on your business. In between professional cleanings, protect your clean windows with these ideas:

1. Don't locate tables by the windows

When positioning the tables in your restaurant or on your patio, do not locate them near the window. Leave at least a metre of space.

You want to keep bits of food, splashes of drinks and other debris off your windows, and you also want to protect your windows from candles if you use them; unfortunately, burning candles can leave a smoky residue on your clean windows.

2. Put planters or other barriers in front of windows

Ideally, you want to stop people from touching or smearing your windows, and the best way to do that is with a barrier. You can create a barrier using potted plants or decorative elements both inside or outside your restaurant.

3. Make sure water doesn't hit the window

If you have sprinklers to water the grass in front of your restaurant or the grass on your patio, check them frequently to make sure they are not spraying on the glass. When water hits glass, it can make marks and streaks that you don't want.

Similarly, if you regularly wash the pavement in front of your business with a hose or clean the mats from your kitchen near a window, take extra care not to hit the window with water.

4. Always run your exhaust fan

Most busy kitchens use a lot of grease, and this fact is true whether you are making fried food or cooking stir fry. Unfortunately, this grease can get into the air and make a sticky film on your floor and furnishings as well as on your windows.

The best way to keep your grease under control is to make sure that your exhaust fans are almost constantly running. Also, make sure that your exhaust fan filters are clean so that they accept all of your grease and prevent it from getting into your air and eventually your windows.

5. Locate grills strategically

If you have a grill on your restaurant's patio, keep in mind that it may spray and splatter oil and fat as well. Locate it strategically away from your windows so it doesn't make them dirty.

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