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4 Container Types a Rubbish Removal Service Can Provide

Waste management affects everyone, but more so for business owners. The cost of disposal can be enormous. A rubbish removal service will be equipped with technology that help businesses lower their carbon emissions, reduce the amount of materials reaching landfill and also help to reduce the amount of pickups required by using larger containers. 

The containers will differ dependent on the requirements. For any container to be effective, they need the backing of refuse collection trucks designed for the containers used. That can be anything from a small wheelie bin to a massive 30 cubic yard container.

RORO containers

The acronym RORO is used for Roll On Roll Off containers. These are ideal for situations where a skip isn't large enough to cope with demand. They are standalone containers situated on site, and when they reach full capacity, a truck comes along and simply rolls the container onto the vehicle, ready for transporting to a waste recovery facility, or to landfill, depending on the waste being disposed of.

Compaction systems

Compaction systems are one of the most common ways to uplift rubbish in bulk. They are used for wheelie bin collections, but they are also units that can be installed on sites, enabling businesses, such as restaurants, factories and construction sites to have bulk waste compacted. By compacting the rubbish, more can be stored and later transported, making it a cost-effective solution for many business owners.

Front Lift Systems

Front lift systems have two components to them. They require the container to be installed on site and a truck with forks on the front of it to attach to the containers. When the container needs uplifting, it's as simple as the truck arriving on site, the driver/operator manoeuvring the forks under the container, lift it over the truck and tip the contents into the container for transportation.

Rear Lift Systems

Rear lift systems are what you see with wheelie bins. What you may not know is that these bins are available at varying sizes. Use of them requires a rear lift truck, designed to fit the size of bin on site. The size of container can be tailored to requirements, effectively allowing most volumes of waste to be managed.

Due to the different types of waste requiring responsible disposal, and varying volumes, a rubbish removal service can cater to low- to medium-sized volume waste, or with a fleet of systems in place, could tailor a waste management solution to meet the needs of any size of business.