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Five Essential Cleaning Tasks to Do When Upper Management Is on the Way

Keeping the office clean when it's not a special occasion can be challenging enough, but when your district or regional manager is stopping by, how the office looks becomes even more important. Luckily, there are several things you can do to quickly clean up your office. Take a look at these five tips:

Make it shine

If you have time, arrange to have your professional cleaners spend some extra time dusting, polishing, cleaning carpets and scrubbing to make your office look great. However, if you've only just learned your manager is on the way, you can easily do it yourself.

Simply hand yourself and a few employees some rags and start dusting. Dust all the vertical surfaces you can and remember to shine mirrors, windows and other glass items. That makes everything look shiny and creates the illusion of cleanliness. 

Create a great first impression

In most cases, the first thing your manager will see is the entryways. Devote some time to cleaning these areas so you can make a great first impression from the moment you manager walks in the door. Shake entryway rugs to remove dust and sweep away debris, cigarette butts, rubbish or anything else that is been accumulating near your entryways.

Remove clutter

Clutter can make even a clean office seem dirty. Before any visits from upper management, have your employees spend at least five minutes removing clutter from their desks and other work areas. Even if they simply hide it in a drawer, its removal alone will help your office to look at tidier and cleaner.

Address the bathrooms 

Obviously, no one wants to clean bathrooms, but if you have upper management on the way, a few extra minutes in the bathroom can make a huge difference. Keep a pack of sanitizing wipes on hand. They allow you to quickly go in to the bathroom and wipe off benchtops, toilets, sinks and anything else that may look slightly amiss.

Add the final touches 

Once you're done cleaning, don't be afraid to add a few final flourishes. Flowers in particular make an office space look clean, professional and inviting. Whether you order flowers from the florist or cut wildflowers from in front of your office, they brighten up the office and create the illusion of cleanliness by drawing eyes away from anything messy or dirty.

For more tips on how to spruce up your office before upper management arrives, and if you don't employ them already, contact commercial cleaning services to make sure each part of your office is looking its best.