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Steam Cleaning Your Carpet: What Makes Steam A Sanitary Cleaning Alternative?

When cleaning your home, there is more to it than just getting a sparkling surface. Carpets particularly can accumulate a lot of dirt and grime, which require thorough cleaning to remove the dirt from the carpet's thick material. Spot cleaning and vacuuming will help you get rid of the dirt and stains on the surface, but you need to steam clean the carpet to remove the deep-seated dirt. In this process, vapour steam cleaners are used to release hot steam on the carpet, loosening dirt and killing contaminants in the process. The following are a few reasons steam cleaning your carpet is a sanitary alternative for your home:

Suitable Chemicals Are Used

You may be tempted to stick to your traditional cleaning techniques with the notion that the steam does not have enough disinfectants for a thorough clean on your carpets. You're not to blame though! The name can easily misguide you into believing that the process only uses steam to clean your carpet. On the contrary, steam cleaning is a chemical dependent method in which chemical detergents are sprayed onto the carpet. The hot water (steam) is used as an activation technique for the detergent on the carpet fibres. To maintain the integrity of the material used to make the carpet, acidic cleaning agents are used for carpets made from natural fibre or wool while alkaline agents are used on synthetic carpets. This prevents fading and abrasion to the carpet.

Prevents the Growth of Harmful Microorganisms

Carpets are at an elevated risk of harbouring harmful and disease causing microorganisms. Wet or humid weather conditions encourage moisture being tracked and sinking not the carpet where it gets trapped in between the fibres. These are the perfect conditions for moulds, and it is only a matter of time before you start witnessing blackish stains on your carpet. By reaching into the deep layers of the fabric, steam cleaning drives the chemical disinfectants far down the fabric, getting rid of the microorganisms more effectively.

Neutralises Pollutants

Carpet fabric absorbs lots of chemicals because of the density of the material used to make it. These include the indoor aerosols that you use to kill insects in your home, pet dander, pet hair and insect allergens. These elements can encourage the spread of diseases and allergies. Thankfully, the alkali or acidic elements of the cleaning agents in steam cleaning neutralise the harmful pollutants, guaranteeing a healthier environment.