Dry Carpet Cleaning: 3 Fantastic Reasons to Use the Dry Cleaning Method for Your Carpets

Perfect for all types of carpets, dry carpet cleaning is an effective process that emits no moisture or water, while producing great-looking carpets in the least amount of time. Specialised cleaning powders and compounds are used for breaking down even the toughest stains and blemishes. The compounds and powders are spread evenly over the carpet and penetrate through it to fight stains and spots. Once finished, the compounds, powders, dirt and other materials are eliminated through a vacuum. [Read More]

Precautions For Removing Asbestos Cement Products

Although property owners do not need a special license to remove cement asbestos products from their homes, it is strongly recommended that you at least chat with a professional company before undertaking the job. Asbestos is a deadly substance, and the proper procedure for working with it must always be adhered to. This article examines some precautions that you should take, if you are intending to remove some cement asbestos from your property. [Read More]

3 Tips For First-Time Dry Cleaning Customers

If you have clothes labelled 'dry clean only', you risk shrinking them or reducing their lifespan if you stick them in the washing machine. Additionally, if you buy or receive handmade items of clothing that don't have tags, it's best to err on the side of caution and have these items dry cleaned. Here are three tips for dry cleaning newbies: What Clothes To Have Dry Cleaned In addition to the risk of shrinking, some items of clothing will fade or lose their shape if machine washed. [Read More]

Considerations To Make When Cleaning Upholstery

If your upholstery is dirty, you are likely looking for ways to clean it. Then you should take the time to learn certain considerations that must be made when cleaning upholstery. By doing so you will be able to clean your upholstery so that it looks as good as the day you bought it. Cleaning upholstery is not that difficult when you know what to do. With that though in mind, here are the top considerations that must be made when cleaning upholstery: [Read More]